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10 Tips for Selling to Executives

Selling to executives is not the same as selling to mid-level managers or supervisors. Dealing with these people can be a real challenge to a salesperson because they are simply not easy to sell to, plus factor in their hectic schedules. When one tries to sell either a product or a service to an executive, a sales professional requires some other kind of strategies to help them close the deal.

Selling to executives can indeed land you the most significant transactions. However, getting them interested in actually closing a deal with you is certainly not that easy. As a salesperson, you will need to have a genuinely compelling presentation, a well-researched presentation, and something that would have what an executive would be looking for, and so much more.

10 Tips for Selling to Executives

If you are a salesperson who would like to win over an executive, you must have a strategy to help you achieve this goal as they are not really easy clients. Check out these tips, as they might just help you close that deal with an executive.

Do extensive research

Go the extra mile to prepare before you make contact with an executive. Make sure that you know your prospect’s profile as well as their performance. Learn about their industry and also know and understand their competitors as well as how they are performing. Based on this research, evaluate how your company can help your prospective client while still achieving your objectives and also your client’s. Executives definitely appreciate those who are very well-prepared, so do not hesitate to have your information get validated by them. This way, it also ensures the correctness of your data. If there is some incorrect information, it is okay as this is part of the process too.

Always be friendly

Always be friendly with the other staff in the company as they can help you get closer to securing a deal with their boss. Make sure that other support staff such as the assistant who answers the phone or the directors, managers, and other customer-facing associates are on your side as they can put in a good word for you. Ensure that you establish connections with these people.

Call at different times

Try to call your prospect at different times and on different days to find out what time is most convenient for them to hear your pitch. Do this about 3 to 5x before even leaving a message on voicemail. It is okay to be persistent but be sure that you are also not being annoying. Making a call outside business hours or during off-peak times could also work. Also, you may try diversifying your communication avenues to see which one is the most effective.

Plan Ahead

Be 3 steps ahead all the time when selling to executives, so this means that you must get them hooked and engaged right from the beginning. When presenting to an executive, it is not just about telling them about your previous works or reputation. Instead, it is about letting them know from a talent perspective you could help them compete with their competitors, so with this, you should learn and understand about the company of your prospective client, and you should know about their competitors as well.

Remember that you have competition

Keep in mind that you are not the only one requesting an audience with an executive. Make sure that you respect their time by presenting information that is only highly valuable and essential for them clearly and concisely. Executives would undoubtedly appreciate this, and you could make them listen to you more if you do these. Have some case studies and examples ready at all times to show that you are aware of the context of their business. Have an annual report of their executive summary and other necessary information about the company and their competitors. In short, do your homework diligently.

Understand what’s at stake for the executive

When selling to executives, know that the main factor for their decisions would be how that decision would affect the overall business. In this regard, the product or service you are offering should be above standards and should always be the best option compared to other alternatives. Also, you have to make them feel that their staff can work effectively and efficiently with your team. If you can address these concerns, you may have a greater chance of landing a deal. Be prepared to ease the concerns of other stakeholders and let them know how you could manage to resolve the differences if there are any when they get your services or products.


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