Glade Goggles Review

Glade Goggles Review

Whenever we create a list of the best ski gear products, you’re likely to see many of the heavy-hitter brands in the industry making the cut. Companies like Spy+, Smith, and Oakley are often easy choices because of their dependable names and the great quality of their gear. But they’re not the only companies out there that are making great stuff, and often you pay a significant brand name tax to get your hands on their products. In other words, there are times when seeking out a smaller brand for your ski gear can be the better option.

Today we’re going to take a look at one of those smaller brands: Glade Optics. This independent ski company has been making waves in the industry for a little while now with their great-looking feature-packed goggles that are a lot more reasonably priced than many of the offerings from those aforementioned heavy hitter companies.

We’re going to give you a quick overview of Glade, its history, and its business philosophy. Then we’re going to take a closer look at the different pairs of ski goggles they have to offer. Enjoy!

Glade Optics Overview

Glade Optics was founded in 2016 and had roots in both Vermont and Colorado. They are one of the few independent ski goggle brands out there, which is a point of pride for the company, and a key part of their identity. To accentuate this point, they cite on their website the startling fact that a parent corporation now owns nine out of the top ten goggle and helmet brands.

Owner Curt Nichols founded Glade after noting a disparity between how the largest companies in the industry viewed and portrayed the sport in their products and the actual experience that most skiers have. He’d noticed how much the marketing around ski goggles and other ski gear centered around the most extreme aspects of the sport, like high flying acrobatic stunts and bombing deadly mountain faces. That, to Curt, was nothing like what the vast majority of those who love to ski.

The philosophy of Glade Optics is centered around this realization. Their goal is to provide high-quality, great-looking, affordable products that any skier can use. As you’re going to see in the following product reviews, they do a pretty great job of it, too.

Our Glade Optics Goggle Reviews

Here are our reviews of the three different pairs of ski goggles that Glade Optics has to offer. Each one brings something different from the others, so be sure to check them all out. And if you’re in the market for a pair of ski goggles, take a look at our ski goggle buying guide first, so you know exactly what to look for.

Glade Challenger

Price: $93.99

These might look a little familiar to you if you keep up with all of our different ski goggle lists; they’ve made more than one of them before. That’s because we absolutely love the Glade Challenger. It’s tough to beat a pair of goggles that offer so much, look so cool, and cost under $100. This one simply checks all of the boxes you’re looking for when it comes to great ski goggles.


The Glade Challenger is a frameless goggle, meaning you get an extra lens and a super wide range of vision. The lens also offers anti-fog coatings, an anti-scratch membrane, and 100% UV protection. There are five different lens types to choose from, ranging between 8.4% and 25.4% VLT. The goggle is also comfortably padded and ventilated to prevent condensation.


If you’re a fan of a clean and simple design, then you should love the Glade Challenger goggles. They have a look that strikes a balance between modern and classic quite well, and each color option brings its own cool flavor. However, it’s important to note that the color option you choose will also have to be based on the VLT you’re looking for, as each one allows a specific amount of light transmission. There are also two different strap choices to choose from, so you can still mix and match in that department.


It’s not easy to find a great pair of goggles for under $100, making the Glade Challenger a pretty special product. Generally, you can expect to make some kind of sacrifice when you’re trying to save money on ski gear. Maybe you lose some style, you give up some features, or perhaps you lose quality. That’s simply not the case with these goggles.

Glade Adapt

Price: $119.99

Different weather conditions call for very different eyewear. Should the weather decide to shift in the middle of your day, it can really derail your plans if you don’t have the proper gear. With photochromic lenses, though, you never have to worry about what mood Mother Nature is in at any given moment. The problem is that photochromic technology can get pretty expensive. That’s why we love the Glade Adapt. Photochromic tech on a great pair of goggles at a crazy affordable price is not something you see every day.


The Glade Adapt offers the same anti-fog, an anti-scratch lens with 100% UV protection and a wide range of vision as the Challenger. Still, instead of providing multiple different lens options with varying VLT percentages, the photochromic lens can give you anywhere from 30-84% VLT as it adapts to whatever light conditions are present.


With that signature clean and simple Glade look, the Adapt is another pair of beautifully designed ski goggles. The range of options is not tremendous, with three different lens colors and two different strap colors available, but the available options all look great.


Again, it’s doubtful you’re going to find too many photochromic ski goggles at this price point with such a great look and these features. Anything within the near vicinity of $100 is a good deal, and with lenses that adapt to various light conditions, you’re saving even more money by ridding yourself of the need to buy extra pairs of goggles.

Glade MagFlight

Price: $149.99

The MagFlight is the newest offering from Glade Optics, and it’s probably their best product yet. They offer everything that the Challenger and Adapt goggles do and more—just swap out the photochromic lenses from the Adapt for an interchangeable lens system that offers great adaptability and more excellent style options. While you may be paying more for these than the other selections, it’s not too much more, and the MagFlight is worth every extra penny.


The MagFlight offers an anti-fog, anti-scratch, virtually shatterproof lens with 100% UV protection and UV400 protection. The MaxComfort TPU frame with ultra-soft foam makes these extra comfortable, and the 180-degree field of view makes them extra effective at allowing you to see the trail ahead.


We think all the different Glade goggles look great, but the MagFlight takes their sleek look to another level. These are some of the coolest-looking ski goggles we’ve ever reviewed. There are only four color selections, but everyone looks incredible, and interchangeable lenses open the door for even more style choices.


While they are $30 more than the Adapt and $56 more than the Challenger, these goggles still aren’t all that pricey when you consider what you’re getting with them. Goggles with interchangeable lenses are usually more expensive than this and rarely look as cool as the MagFlight. All in all, these goggles may actually be Glade’s best bang-for-your-buck deal.

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