Keyword Tools

Keyword Density Tool

Check the frequency of words or phrases in a body of text.

Keyword Extractor Tool

Extract the most prominent keywords from any webpage in 1-word, 2-word, and 3-word lists.

Keyword Rich Domain Tool

Identify registered domain names that contain your keyword of choice.

Keyword Suggestion Tool

Get long-tail keyword suggestions.

Multiple Keyword Position Checker

Check your current search engine ranking for multiple keywords.

Multiple Website Position Checker

Find out where multiple domain names are currently ranking for a particular keyword.

Search Engine Position Checker

Instantly find out where you rank.

Link Tools

Backlink Checker Tool

See the top 25 incoming links for any URL.

Link Analyzer Tool

View the incoming and outgoing links for a URL.

Link Extractor Tool

Extract all outgoing links on a page.

Link Popularity Checker Tool

The Link Popularity Checker Tool tells you how popular your links are in...

Link Suggestion Tool

Find link opportunities via niche footprint operators.

Nofollow Finder Tool

Find links with the "nofollow" tag on a page.

Reciprocal Link Checker Tool

Verify if a list of URLs is linking to your URL.

.edu Backlink Checker Tool

List all .edu backlinks to your website.

.gov Backlink Checker Tool

List all .gov backlinks to your website.

Search Engine Tools

Bing Indexed Pages Checker

Find out how many pages are indexed in Bing for any website.

Google Indexed Pages Checker

Quickly check how many pages you have indexed in Google.

Robots.txt Checker

Quickly check the robots.txt file on any website.

Search Engine Listing Preview

Preview how a page will appear in major search engines.

Search Engine Saturation Checker

Check how your website is indexed in the major search engines.

Spider Viewer

View your website like a search engine spider! The Spider Viewer tool...

Website Spider Tool

Check details of your site as a search engine spider would! Our website...

Yahoo! Indexed Pages Checker

Find out how many pages are indexed in Yahoo for your website.

Website Rank Checkers

Alexa Traffic Rank Checker

Check your Alexa Traffic Rank easily. Just enter any website URL, and...

Compete Ranking Checker

Use our Compete Ranking Tool to quickly check your website rank on...

Compete Statistics Checker

Check all your Compete Statistics in one place with the Compete Statistics...

PageRank Checker Tool

Get an estimate of Google PageRank for any URL (1-10).

Site Rank Checker Tool: Check Alexa, Compete, SimilarWeb

The Site Rank Checker tool fetches three key pieces of information for a...

Header/Tag Tools

HTTP Header Viewer

Our HTTP Header Viewer will fetch the HTTP header response from any URL...

Meta Tag Extractor

Quickly extract META header tags from any website! What Are META Tags? ...

Meta Tag Generator Tool

Generate META tag code for your website with the META Tag Generator Tool...

IP Tools

Multiple IP Address Checker Tool

Fetch the IP address for multiple domain names using our free Multiple IP...

Multiple Reverse IP Lookup Tool

Perform multiple reverse IP address lookups with our Multiple Reverse IP...

Miscellaneous Tools

Browser Details Tool

The Browser Details Tool fetches and displays lots of details about your...

Convert Date to Timestamp Tool

Convert a date string to a UNIX timestamp with our Convert Date to...

Convert UNIX Timestamp Tool

Convert a UNIX Timestamp to a date/time string easily with the UNIX...

Source Code Tools

CSS Validator Tool

Validate your stylesheets with our CSS Validator Tool. What is CSS? ...

Domain Whois Retriever Tool

Check Whois details for any domain name with the Domain Whois Retriever...

HTML Markup Validator Tool

Validate your HTML code with the W3C using our HTML Markup Validator Tool....

HTML Optimizer Tool

Optimize your HTML code with the HTML Optimizer Tool. Reduce the length...

Source Code Viewer Tool

Quickly view the full source code of any website. The Source Code Viewer...

Webpage Size Checker Tool

Check the size of a web page with our Web Page Size Checker Tool. The...

Website Speed Test Tool

Test the speed of your website with our Website Speed Test Tool! Does...